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Septic Defender Rescue and Maintenance Plan

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Septic Defender is one of our TOP choices. This fantastic product will definitely restore your system, or will get your Older system back into top form. The lower price of Septic Defender makes it an attractive option, and you get ALL the strength of any of the higher priced options out there.

Save $100 when you get Septic Defender's Rescue & Maintenance plan
What's our review?
Septic Defender, the award winning septic treatment, has been gaining a lot of attention recently in the septic treatment marketplace. Septic Defender offers a high quality shock treatment for hundreds less than the leading brands without any sacrifice on quality. Their unique twist on septic treatment comes not only with a powerful shock treatment, but with automatic monthly deliveries. This option allows you to pay $19.99 instead of $100+ for your maintenance needs.

Septic Defender Rescue Shock is a granular shock not a liquid shock. No need to worry about this fast acting bacteria to leaving your system after a few days. Septic Defender sets up colonies of microbes, which continue to produce bacteria, ensuring the long term restoration of your septic system. While it does not work quite as fast as our top rated septic treatment, Septic Defender has clearly established itself as one of the best septic shock treatments on the market, and by far the most affordable!

Septic Defender delivers results, there is no question about it. But what made these septic products stand out to us, was their automatic monthly deliveries. Each month, for $19.99, Septic Defender sends you out a boost of maintenance bacteria automatically. This serves not only as nice reminder, but it breaks the cost of regular septic treatment down to affordable installments.

If you are looking for a high quality septic treatment, guaranteed to deliver results, then Septic Defender is the option you have been looking for. Fast acting and affordable, Septic Defender is well deserving of its rave reviews!

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